10 May 2022

A guide to choose the right automatic gate

If you or you are a technician, going through some home renovation and you have been asked to give a technical advice, here’s a complete guideline to be the perfect adviser! Your customers have asked you information on automatic gate types to install, or you are looking for some pretty good data to make sure […]

6 April 2022

Articulated Arm Automation: VDS Automation Solutions

In this guide of Vds Automation you will discover what the articulated arm gate motor is, how to identify the most suitable model for your needs and how to install it. The articulated arm has the function of streamlining the process of opening and closing the leaves of a swing gate, so as to make […]

15 March 2022

Sliding gate automation thanks to AG Future by VDS Automation

AG Future gearmotor for sliding gates is the ideal solution for those looking for a powerful and reliable automation. Thanks to this practical tool, you can equip yourself with an automatic sliding gate in a few minutes, so as to save time during the day and not risk getting cold when you get off the […]

24 February 2022

Automatic sliding doors for shops: discover the VDS Automation solutions

The automatic sliding doors for shops are designed to accommodate heavy traffic inside the building. In addition to being comfortable and practical, these doors invite the customer to enter your shop by eliminating the psychological barrier imposed by a manual opening. It is no coincidence, in fact, that many shops choose this innovative solution. In […]

11 February 2022

How to motorize your garage door: our practical advice

We at VDS Automation have selected three solutions that are perfect for domestic and public use – as in the case of buildings with a lot of traffic. Let’s find out together how to choose the perfect overhead door for your home and what real benefits this choice entails. Difference between manual and motorized overhead […]

13 January 2022

Gate automation: let’s find out what it is

The convenience of being able to rely on an automatic gate and save time is tempting to many individuals, but also to those who have a property frequented by many people. Gate automation, in addition to saving time, is a tool that gives an aura of safety to the entire building. However, it is often […]

28 December 2021

Motor for hydraulic or electromechanical gate?

Has choosing between hydraulic or electromechanical automation for the automatic gate become your dilemma? VDS Automation has the answers you’ve been looking for to make your decision easier! Hydraulic or electromechanical automation: technical differences Is an hydraulic or electromechanical gate motor better? The best answer is not one but it is the consequence of correct […]

13 December 2021

Automatic gate: tips for installation and safety

Do you know how to secure a sliding gate to prevent damage to the structure or unfortunate accidents? Follow our guide which will help you better understand what to do. We at VDS have been producing automation for gates, doors, garage doors and barriers for over thirty years. How to secure a sliding gate? Installing […]

26 November 2021

Best Motors for Sliding Gates

Do you know which are the best sliding gate motors? Are you looking for a specific model for your gate with excellent features and performance? Discover our production to better orient yourself in your choice. What are the best sliding gate motors? There are many models of motors for sliding gates, this is because each […]

11 November 2021

Sliding Gate Automation up to 600 KG: discover the VDS Automation products

Are you looking for the automation for sliding gate up to 600 kg suitable for your gate? With VDS Automation you have the certainty and the guarantee of installing a safe and Made in Italy product! Sliding Gate Automation Up to 600 kg: Characteristics The sliding gate has a movable part that runs parallel to […]