15 April 2024

Electric doors and gates: guide for installers and retailers to choosing and installing

An essential guide for installers and retailers on how to select, install and maintain VDS Automation electric gates, with a focus on efficiency, safety and technological innovation.

Automation systems are suitable for electric doors of various types, but all must have something in common to satisfy customers: smooth, fast and quiet movements and efficiency over time to ensure functionality and durability.

In this guide we explain you the information to select, install and offer a service and maintenance service for electric gates efficient, safe and using the best technologies.

Electric door: types and automations

First of all, it is necessary to make a brief analysis on the various types of electric doors: depending on the characteristics, in fact, you will need to install a suitable automation.

Automatic doors

  • They are suitable for offices, supermarkets and shops or, more generally, places with high flow of people
  • They are ideal for all those places where it is necessary to limit the spaces even, possibly, for reasons of thermoregulation
  • They can be composed in different ways, with one or two doors or modified depending on the space available

For automate sliding doors we recommend:

The SPEED PLUS traverse, which is a reversible motor automation used for automatic doors. It provides for quick and easy installation.

It exists in two versions:

  • Beam 1 door, max weight 120 kg
  • Transom 2 doors, max weight 80 + 80 kg

The GEMINI ADVANCE transom has all the characteristics of the SPEED PLUS automatic transoms, but offers additional functions with control equipment:

  • Remote programming via JET01 digital selector
  • Possibility to carry out safety tests
  • Interlock function
  • Air blade management

Safety accessories for sliding doors

All electric door operators manufactured by VDS are equipped with accessories that allow the correct and above all safe operation such as, for example, photocells: devices that protect users, and comply with current regulations.

They are an essential accessory both from the point of view of safety and to ensure the constant isolation of all environments.

Have a look at our catalogue to discover all the photocells available for your electric doors.

Electric gates for garages

The automations for the electric garage doors offer comfort and security of access in both private and corporate contexts. Also for this category of use there are various types of doors that you can automate.

Overhead doors: compact and stable solutions, but that need ample room for manoeuvre of the panel, both outside and inside the garage.
Sectional doors: less bulky than overhead doors, allow you to have more useful space inside the garage, to be able to park their vehicles even close to the entrance, without the risk of accidental impacts during opening and closing.
Roller shutters: they are good space saving solutions, ideal for small garages.

To automate electric garage doors we recommend:

for overhead and sectional doors

For roller shutters for garage:

Automation for electric doors: the fundamental elements for a correct installation

After choosing the suitable automation system for electric doors, depending on the type of door, its weight and the space available, you can proceed with a correct installation.

First of all, with VDS you can be sure that you have chosen a company that produces in Italy and that ensures continuous assistance from the parent company.

You will have at your disposal our service, with specialized internal customer care, or you can read our installation manuals that are very easy to consult.

If you want we also have a Youtube channel where you can view useful material to install our products that we have designed and made just to answer the most frequent questions.

Electric door maintenance: why it is essential

Maintenance of electric doors is vital to ensure safety, efficiency and durability.

Proper maintenance also means satisfied and loyal customers: a good opportunity to establish yourself in the installer market and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

So remember to notify your customers in time, when regular checks are scheduled, and then proceed to make an appointment. This will provide a more efficient service that customers love.

Remember: ordinary maintenance of automatic doors is provided at least once a year in private environments and twice a year in public environments.

VDS for the automation of state-of-the-art electric doors

VDS Automation produces cutting-edge and 100% Made in Italy automation systems.

We have been investing for over 30 years in research and development of new technologies applied to the automation of doors, gates, bollards, shutters and shutters.

Our staff is constantly trained and we strive every day to introduce innovative, but also safe and reliable technologies.

Electrical connectivity is certainly a fundamental aspect in VDS-branded automation. We provide components that are designed to communicate easily with a wide range of devices, thanks to the integration of hi-tech modules: from remote control systems, touch sensors, to smartphones.

From production to after-sales service: choose VDS Automation for the automation of electric doors

With VDS Automation you have many advantages to increase the success of your business: we offer training courses for installers throughout the year, we offer technical assistance, with in-house customer care and constantly trained. Our production is 100% Made in Italy, to offer you high quality products and original spare parts in the shortest time possible.

From production, to up-to-date training, to after-sales service, if you choose VDS Automation, you’ll have a single partner for your business, saving you valuable time and resources.

Would you like free advice or a personalised quote for the automation of electric doors? Fill out the form and we will develop the best offer for your business.