Automatic Passion

The quality is our force

VDS is an Italian company that manufactures automations for automatic doorsgatesbarriersoverhead doorssectional doorsgarage doorsshutters and shutters. The company has been operating in the electric sector for over thirty years.

Our automation kits are produced entirely in Italy by highly specialized team with raw materials of the highest quality. The design and manufacture of the molds, the production of mechanical parts, such as gears and crankshafts, with sophisticated numerical control machinery, the development of the control panels and the assembly of our kits and the strict final tests take place inside VDS buildings.


Are you looking for a company that never leaves its customer alone?
Are you looking for a brand of gates automation which spare parts are always easily available?
Are you looking for a gates openers brand of 100% made in ITALY?

VDS is the company for you.

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Automatic Passion

We believe in the value
of Made in Italy

Our products are entirely manufactured in the factory of Santa Teresa di Spoltore (Pescara) – Italy.

We believe in the value
of people

Our workforce is highly specialized and knows well the products that makes.

We believe
in training

We organize courses for distributors, sellers and installers because the success of our products also depends on them.

We believein our passion

Every job, even the most technical, to be well done needs at the bottom a bit of love.