Automatic Passion

For over thirty years, we have been passionately producing automation for gates,
barriers, automatic doors, garage doors, shutters and roller shutters.

Swing gates

A wide range of products to transform your gate into an automatic

Sliding gates

A wide range of products to transform your gate into an automatic

Sliding doors

Automations designed to facilitate pedestrian crossing. With minimal footprint and extreme silence


Automation to control pedestrian accesses. With minimal footprint and extreme silence

Garage doors

Automations to facilitate access to the garage in safety and in terms of energy savings

Rolling shutters

Automations designed to automate shop shutters in compliance with current regulations

Road barriers

Automation to manage access in resident areas, company entrances, industrial areas, or motorway gates


Concealed automations to manage the passage of means of transport in historic centers and beyond

Fluid and silent movements, discover our automations for sliding doors.

Go or don’t go?
ITALO decides!

Discover the road barrier designed to control access to parking lots, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals.


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  1. 1
    Return, transport and packaging

    The goods mentioned in the contract is sold ex-works. Shipment, only if required by buyer, might be effected by transport agent named by VDS Automation if not differently specified. All freight charges and any risks are to be considered as buyer charge- The goods will be packaged according to VDS Automation experience. VDS Automation is totally exempt from any responsibilities for losses or damages for goods regularly packaged.

  2. 2

    VDS Automation agrees with customers each time the standard deliver terms according to purchase goods, if not clearly indicated in the confirmation of the orders. VDS Automation furthermore accepts any eventual change in the standard delivery time and in case to communicate this change by order confirmation or in written document.

  3. 3

    The payment terms are those mentioned on the order confirmation and on the invoices issued from VDS Automation. All the payments must be effected to the address of VDS Automation. The delay in payment even only for a part of the invoice, will cancel the discount if granted and will cancel any agreed delay of credit or delayed payment agreed terms even for the supplies underway and will deters obligation to pay an interest rate over 6 points the official discount rate, starting from the expiry date of the agreed terms and in the suspension of further supplies. The charges for any eventual outstanding will be debited to the buyer. VDS Automation is totally authorized to issue drafts against the buyer in order to collect the interest, even if claims or disputes are in process.

  4. 4

    VDS Automation guarantees his products and the outfit components for a period from 2 years selling date the replaced components will. During this period the assistance is free of charge. The replaced components will remain of VDS Automation’s propety. All the shipment charges necessary from the assistance will stay at buyer charge. VDS reserves the right to refuse the guarantee if:

    • The electric accessories and the automatic systems components have been used without observing the standard connection diagrams which have been designed for.
    • The gear motors have been used for different purposes beyond those established.
    • The assembly, the cabling and the electrical connections have not been followed.
    • Push-button devices with dead man contact or key selector have been used for more than one gear motor with a single command.
    • The connection or installation or cabling have not been carried out according to the UNI/CE and EN standards.
    • The gear motors have been disassembled or tampered with or without written authorization of VDS Automation.

    Once the guarantee period is over, the assistance will be carried out by a authorized team based on a recent spare part list and reparations will be charged.

  5. 5

    Claims against the quality of the goods or with reference to supplied goods must be sent to the address of the selling company bu registered letter within and not further 8 days from the delivery date. No returns will be accepted unless by written authorization of VDS Automation.