30 May 2024

Need faster gates? A… Italian espresso is the solution!

VDS Automation’s Espresso engine has revolutionized the world of automatic gates with unparalleled speed and safety.

If one could find a definition one would say that ours is the time of speed. Everyone tries to optimize the times, perfecting the techniques and the solutions, so that we can arrive at faster solutions and that cut down the “downtime”.

Automations were born for this very reason: to make daily actions faster and more comfortable, such as, in our case, opening and closing gates, road barriers, doors and gates, garages and even shutters in the house.

What solution have we found?

Italian espresso: the super fast and safe engine, like a coffee

We presented this year the Espresso Inverter from VDS Automation, the innovative motor that takes gate automation to the next level. Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy in our factories, the Espresso Inverter offers fast, efficient and safe solutions to improve the flow of people and vehicles of your accesses.

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Easy installation and engine configuration

Inverter Espresso is very easy to install and configure: with an advanced inverter panel, the installation process becomes easy and intuitive, it allows you to save valuable time and reduce errors, for automation for gates without stress.

Training and continuous support

VDS Automation offers continuous training and technical support to ensure that installers can make the most of the potential of the Espresso Inverter. This results in flawless installations and satisfied customers.

Unmatched speed and efficiency of automation

The Espresso Inverter allows the automatic gates to operate at super fast speeds: from 8 to 20 meters per minute!

This means reduced opening and closing times, improving efficiency and convenience for end users.

The motor is also devoid of condenser, and is therefore resistant to overheating: this allows it to be used more intensively and is suitable, for example, for access with large flow of people.vv

Safety first

Thanks to precise deceleration control and obstacle management, the Espresso Inverter guarantees maximum safety during use. End-of-stroke detection and braking force adjustment systems ensure smooth and safe operation.

Energy efficiency: reduced consumption and durability

The Espresso Inverter is designed to adjust the power according to operational needs, significantly reducing energy consumption. This not only reduces operating costs, but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Moreover, thanks to the advanced technology of the inverter panel, the system components are less subject to wear, prolonging the life of the motor and reducing maintenance costs. This makes the Espresso Inverter an economical choice in the long term.

Automation solutions on every gate

Whether it’s automatic gates for private residences, condominiums or corporate contexts, the Espresso Inverter offers solutions suitable for any type of installation.

With engines such as Simply 600kg, Carrera 1000kg, AG-Future 1200Kg and AT-Plus 2500kg, the Espresso range covers everything from light to heavy gates.

100% Made in Italy gate openers

All VDS Automation gate automations are totally produced in Italy, in our factories in Abruzzo.

We only use first-class materials and state-of-the-art technology, and we ensure that every product complies with strict European safety and performance regulations.

The 100% Italian production not only supports the local economy, but also offers the security of a durable and high quality product, designed to meet the specific needs of installers and customers.

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