11 January 2024

Battery and power supply for automatic gates

An overview of energy solutions for automated devices, from generators to solar panels, including backup batteries.

Walking around our cities, it is increasingly easy to come across homes, condominiums and commercial businesses that have an automatic gate or an access barrier. Convenience, safety and a touch of modernity makes them an increasingly popular choice.

Electrical power supply for automatic gates

For a long time, the power supply of automatic gates was dependent exclusively on the electricity grid, which provided the energy necessary to open and close the gate in response to user commands.

The traditional power supply of automatic gates is relatively simple in its operation. These systems connect directly to your home or commercial electrical grid and use electricity to operate the gate motor and opening and closing mechanisms. This solution, as we have said, has long been the norm, ensuring efficient operation of automatic gates.

What if the power goes out? If power outages are a rarity, it is also true that they come suddenly and often last long, making it necessary to unlock the automation and deactivate the motor, creating inconvenience for users who are forced to open and close manually.

Backup generators and batteries

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To overcome this problem, until a few years ago, emergency generators were used (especially in automation systems installed in companies and commercial areas), a solution which however can be complicated to manage. Generators, in fact, require regular maintenance and consume fuel, thus increasing operating costs.

The alternative is a backup battery, a device designed to accumulate and store electrical energy when available, and release it when the flow of energy is interrupted, somewhat like computer power units. Often these batteries are integrated into the system and connect directly to the gate motor.

The basic operation of backup batteries for automatic gates occurs in two stages:

  • Charging phase: During periods when there is electrical energy available, the backup batteries are automatically charged via a dedicated charger which converts the electrical energy into chemical energy, storing it in the batteries.
  • Release Phase: When a power outage occurs, the backup batteries come into action. The stored energy is converted back into electrical energy and powers the gate motor, allowing the gate to open and close continuously and reliably.

VDS Automation backup batteries

Many of the VDS Automations motors for automatic gates have the possibility of installing a backup battery.

Battery Backup Kit for sliding gates

Kit Battery Backup per cancelli a battente

Alternative power supply: solar energy

The use of solar energy is emerging as an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to address power-related challenges.

Solar energy is based on the use of photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. This energy can be used to power a wide range of equipment and systems, including automatic gates.

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