6 October 2023

How to operate a gate automation without power

Blackouts, even if temporary, can cause various inconveniences, such as interrupting the correct functioning of an automatic gate. What to do?

Imagine a sudden blackout and dozens of phone calls from your customers stuck inside or outside their gate, unable to enter or exit. A frustrating and very stressful situation that tests your nerves as an installer.

This is why you should always think of solutions to operate a gate automation without electricity.

From backup kits to release keys, through the installation of automations that work without electricity, there are various systems that not only solve the problem of power failure, but can also improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of the automatic gate .

VDS Automation Battery Backup Kit

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Battery backup systems for gate automations are designed to ensure that the automation can operate smoothly even if the electricity goes out. These are batteries specially designed and configured to power the gate motor when the electricity grid is down.

The operation is very simple: when a blackout occurs, the backup system automatically detects the lack of power and replaces the power supply to the gate motor with the backup battery. This allows the automation to function as usual, without requiring any manual intervention.

Whether for a sliding gate automation or a swing gate automation, many of our motors have the possibility of installing a backup battery.

Battery Backup Kit for sliding gates

Battery Backup Kit for swing gates

Manual unlocking

If your customer does not want to install a backup battery, keep in mind that, regardless of the type of gate, you can always provide the key to open the access panel where the manual release lever of the automatic gate is located. An undoubtedly inconvenient process because it forces your customer to open and close the gate manually until the power is restored, but still effective temporarily

Energy efficiency and safety with solar panels to power the gate

Attention to the environment is increasingly necessary and for this reason many customers may require an alternative system for powering the automatic gate. In this case VDS Automation has the perfect solution: a power kit through solar panels.

Using solar panels to power the automatic gate is a solution that goes far beyond the simple act of “making a green choice”: once the solar power kit has been installed, the gate becomes largely self-sufficient, reducing dependence on the electricity grid and therefore also malfunctions in the event of voltage drops or blackouts.

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rom an economic point of view, the use of solar panels for this type of automation is largely sustainable and, moreover, can reduce operating costs in the long term. The longevity of modern solar panels also means less worry about maintenance or replacing components over time.

A solar power system does not compromise the reliability of the automatic gate in any way.

The high-quality solar panels ensure smooth and continuous operation, even on the cloudiest days. Furthermore, the remote control and intelligent security features remain fully operational, ensuring your gate is safe and efficient at all times.

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