16 October 2019

Automatic gate: what to do if there is no electricity

You are planning to install an automatic gate and are looking for more information on installation and operation. The doubt that assails you is what to do when the power fails.

If you have asked yourself this question or you are currently in the condition of having to open your automatic gate without the electricity or you are in the indecision to install or not a sliding gate we at VDS are by your side to help you in all the situations.

Electric automatic gate: how does it work?

The automatic gates differ from the manual ones due to the presence of an electric motor and a series of photocells and sensors that indicate the passage and identify the presence of obstacles that could cause damage to the entire system.

Furthermore, this type of gates is divided into two broad categories:

All types of automatic gates of various sizes and weights are operated by a signal sent by a remote control or by entering a numerical code on a digital display. This implies the need to have electric current to open or close the gate.

But if the current is missing, what happens? Is the gate no longer openable or closable? Absolutely not, just a few steps are needed to open the gate manually.

Open and close the automatic gate in the event of a blackout

Having an electric gate is a great convenience, operating it directly inside your car without having to descend is certainly the biggest advantage.

The problem occurs in those remote cases where there is no electricity, but modern automatic gates are designed precisely to avoid discomfort even in these situations.

Here are the two simple steps to follow in the event of a blackout:

  1. The automatic gates with one door, two doors, hinged and sliding doors are supplied with a particular key that is delivered when the gate is installed. It is a release key with a particular recess that serves to open the door on the engine and then be unlocked.
  2. Once you have opened the engine door with the appropriate key, you need to find a knob in the compartment (most of the times yellow) that must be turned counterclockwise to allow the engine to be unlocked and then to be opened and closed manually.

By unlocking the motor manually, the entire electrical system stops working, including the sensors and photocells. This precaution is not only necessary to open the automatic gate but to preserve the motor from the power surges that the use requires in this particular state.

The automation systems for automatic gates of VDS Automation

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