27 November 2023

How to program the automatic gate remote control

The installation of the gate is done, now you need to program the remote control (or re-program it). Here’s how you can do it.

Programming the automatic gate remote control is a crucial aspect of managing any automated access system. This step is considered an ancillary task, however, it is very important for a safe and efficient user experience.

In order to fully enjoy the advantages of an automated entrance you must first choose the most suitable command for the use you need to make of it and then program the gate remote control correctly.

Program the VDS Automation gate remote control

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VDS Automation remote controls are known for their reliability and ease of use. They can be divided into five models:

Before getting into the heart of the tutorial, make sure you have the remote control at hand and that you are near the automatic gate control unit.

For simplicity, we will examine the programming of the ECo-E automatic gate remote control, but the procedure is almost the same for all other models.

Program the remote control in 3 steps

With your remote in hand, follow the instructions below.

First, press the “PROG Radio” button on the control unit of your automatic gate. Press and hold the button for one second. During this operation, the “PROG Radio” LED on the control unit will light up steadily, indicating that you have entered radio programming mode.

2: Memorize the radio control

Now, it’s time to memorize your remote control. Press the button of the remote control you wish to associate with your automatic gate for one second.

During this operation, the “PROG RADIO” LED on the control unit will begin to flash, indicating that programming has taken place successfully. If you wish to program additional remote controls, repeat the same process.

3: Program other devices

If you have memorized the remote control and want to program other devices, you must wait until the “PROG RADIO” LED on the control unit has turned off. This indicates that programming has been completed successfully and you can finish the process or add new remote controls.

Programming the gate remote control: safety and versatility

One aspect to always consider when talking about automated access is security.

With VDS Automation remote controls, safety is a priority; the signal between the remote control and the gate control unit is encrypted, reducing the risk of interference or hacking.

Furthermore, some remote control models offer additional functions such as the ability to control multiple gates or devices with a single remote control. This is especially useful for businesses or residences with multiple entry points that require different levels of access. But not only.

Programming a radio control for swing gates

In the case of swing gates, it is possible to assign multiple parts of a gate, for example the two arms of the swing gate, to different buttons.

Furthermore, it is possible to carry out programming directly from the remote control using two buttons, one which controls leaf 1 and another which controls leaf 2. During programming, each button will automatically associate the corresponding leaf with the correct channel. This feature is extremely convenient, especially if you install the control unit in a position that is difficult to access, because it allows you to enter programming mode, position yourself comfortably and use the remote control button to carry out the entire process.

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Programming a radio control for sliding gates

In the context of programming a remote control for sliding gates, however, we have many more features, all worthy of note:

  • Setting the type of gate: allows you to configure the type of gate to control (sliding motor, barrier or overhead door);
  • Stroke Force Options: To manage the motor stroke force options to adjust the fixed tractive force to ensure correct operation;
  • Condominium options: regulate the behavior of the motor in shared or condominium control situations, determining how the motor responds to inputs from different users;
  • Gate opening direction: allows you to set the gate opening direction (left or right);
  • Safety options: to manage safety options related to the operation of the engine: for example, adjust the behavior of the engine in the presence of obstacles or safety problems;
  • Fixed or flashing light: determines whether a light associated with the gate remains on constantly or flashes to indicate the status of the gate during opening or closing.
  • Slowdown options: allows you to enable or disable slowdown, particularly important for heavier gates;
  • Encoder settings: the encoder measures movement and position, allowing precise control of the gate position;
  • Adding external remote controls: allows the addition of new remote controls using an already working remote control with a hidden button;
  • Slowdown based on the weight of the gate: allows you to adjust the slowdown of the motor based on the weight of the gate. Weight-based slowing is important to ensure correct operation, especially on heavier gates;

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