16 May 2024

Solutions for automatic gates with pedestrian crossing: features, advantages and installation

Learn more about the unique features of VDS pedestrian crossing automatic gates, explore their advantages for commercial and residential spaces, and get practical advice for a smooth installation.

To install automatic gates with pedestrian passage it is necessary all those times that the entrances are crowded and must allow the access in safety is to motor vehicles that to pedestrians. This need often occurs both in companies and in homes.

Automatic gates with pedestrian crossing: the main features

The automatic gates with pedestrian crossing are a versatile and functional solution for access control in both residential and commercial areas. From a general point of view, the division of access between motor vehicles and pedestrians gives important advantages in terms of safety, comfort and accessibility.

VDS offers a wide range of products to automate gates with pedestrian crossing: to meet the needs of each customer. You can choose between automatic gates with swing walkway, automatic sliding gates, but also pedestrian gates with turnstiles, suitable for business contexts with high traffic volume.

We offer ready-made automation kits: for automatic swing gates and automatic sliding gates that make installation quick and easy. You won’t risk forgetting any important accessories.

Is the pedestrian crossing next to the gate a legal requirement?

The automatic gates with pedestrian passage offer numerous advantages over traditional gates, both for condominiums and independent houses, and for commercial areas. But it’s not just about comfort.

Art. 46 paragraph 2 letter c) of the D.P.R. December 16, 1992 No 495, as amended by art. 36 of DPR 610/1996, provides that: “If access to the side properties is also intended for significant pedestrian traffic, there must be a separation of the driveway entrance from the pedestrian entrance”.

The rule was issued precisely for a safe use of access. The DPR 495/92 is, in fact, the Regulation implementing the Highway Code which is the basis of the safety of the circulation of both vehicles and pedestrians.

Therefore, the provision to separate access is not a legal obligation but is applied to protect the safety of people in all those situations in which there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic (e.g. condominiums or companies).

Advantages for residential spaces: manual or automatic pedestrian gate?

Automating a pedestrian gate inside a building is an important plus to make access more comfortable and safe. There will always be the condomium that forgets the pedestrian gate open! But thanks to the automatic gate, opening and closing will be managed safely and efficiently. In addition, an automatic pedestrian gate helps in all those cases of limited mobility (disability) or even when there are children in wheelchairs.

VDS, the safe and made-in-Italy automation specialists

We have selected for you our most suitable solutions for automatic pedestrian gates in residential areas or companies: they are our electromechanical motors, robust and economical, ideal for light gates and with a door not too heavy.

Like our PM1 SC – Electromechanical Linear Actuator 230V – 24V, arm for automatic swing gates, for doors of maximum 3 meters.

Complete automation kits are also available, in the 1 door and 2 doors version, containing:

  • Actuators
  • Control equipment 230V
  • Pair of photocells
  • LED flasher
  • Key selector switch
  • Transmitter
  • Warning sign

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Advantages of automatic pedestrian gate in shopping areas

Automatic gates with a pedestrian crossing also offer many advantages for commercial areas.

First of all, it is possible to equip pedestrian access with different security systems that can prevent not only unauthorized access but also any property (goods).

Gate automation helps to control the flow of people, makes the environment safe for customers and employees, but especially suitable for people with disabilities; an important factor for companies that must comply with accessibility regulations.

In this case you will have to choose automation solutions that provide a greater frequency of use and maybe you will find yourself working on heavier gates.

Also for these automatic gates for pedestrian passages we offer the most suitable automation kits.

An example is the RIKI20 automatic turnstile, with opening that can also be activated by a card reader and photocells, or by other remote control devices.

Discover all its features.

Automatic gates with pedestrian crossing: 5 tips for proper installation

Here are 5 tips on how to install automatic gates with walkway safely and functionally.

1) Consider the weight and size of the gate: a heavy or large gate requires an actuator with increased thrust force.

2) Evaluate the frequency of use: an automatic gate with frequent use requires a more robust and reliable actuator.

3) Check for obstacles: make sure there are no obstacles that can interfere with the movement of the gate.

4) Make sure that the actuator is securely attached to the gate: an unsafe fastening can cause malfunctions and damage, it seems trivial advice, but it is not at all.

5) Run a gate opening and closing test: Always check that the gate is working properly and safely.

Installation of automatic gates with pedestrian crossing according to law

Another fundamental aspect of the main advice, which deserves a special study, is that relating to the rules governing the installation of automatic gates. The installation of automatic gates with pedestrian crossing must comply with current safety regulations.

In Europe, the regulations EN 12453 and EN 12445 define the rules regarding the installation and subsequent maintenance of automatic gates.

As a qualified professional you will need to make sure that you install a number of safety devices that will need to be checked periodically to check their proper functioning.

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