8 January 2021

Automatic gates: cost and prices

Are you searching for a definitive solution not to always getting out of the car to open the gate when you return home? You are in the right place. We will show you which are the best automatic sliding gates and the prices on the market.

Automatic sliding gate: prices and cost

To understand the​ ​price for an automatic sliding gate​ ​or determine how much it costs to motorize an existing gate, we need to consider two cost items:

  • the price of the kit required for automation;
  • the cost of installation, assembly and testing of the automatic gate by a certified technician.

It is necessary to rely on a certified technician for the installation of the automatic gate. You cannot do it alone in compliance with European legislation. Request a quote for the automation of a gate or the installation of a new automatic gate in your house, residence or industrial building. Compare the different offers from the best automation professionals and experts in your area for free and without obligation.

How an automatic sliding gate works

The operation of an automatic gate​ is based on several components that work jointly to make the gate open and close correctly. An​ ​automatic gate scheme​ ​consists of a​​ control unit or panel, an electric motor with​ ​arm​ or ​rail,​ photocells,​ ​remote control ​and other​ sensors.

  • Control unit or Panel: the core of the system which ​receives the signals​ ​from the sensors (remote control, photocells, etc.) and controls the opening and closing of the gate. The control unit is connected to the power grid and provides the primary connection to the electric motor.
  • Electric motor: regardless of the type, swing or sliding, the operation of the automatic gate is entrusted to the electric motor. The electric motor can be single or according to the installation chosen for the gate or the number of leaves. The motor or gearmotor of an automated gate works at 230V, at 12V and at 24V as well. Each motor has a maximum load of the gate to be moved which varies from 400 Kg up to over 1,200 Kg in residential areas.
  • Articulated arm: it is used to open and close automatic swing gates​ up to 3.5 m per leaf. The arm is driven by the electric motor.
  • Track: it is used to open and close automatic sliding gates. The gate runs on a track driven by the motor.
  • Piston: this is a rigid arm with an internal piston for opening and closing​ ​automatic swing gates. The piston can be an oleodynamic, hydraulic or electromechanical type.
  • Photocell: the photocell constantly communicates with the control unit. It detects through a light beam if there are​ ​objects​ ​in the range of action of the gate to prevent it from closing involuntarily. If you enter your garage and the box is near the gate, you can leave the car stationary in the gate because the photocells will send the signal to the control unit that there is an ​obstacle​ and the gate must not be closed. To comply with European safety regulations, installing the photocell is mandatory.
  • Remote control: this is the object widely recognized to everyone. The remote control of an automatic gate is used to open the gate. When you press a button, the control unit receives the signal to open the gate if the photocells allow it. The remote control is set to certain frequencies and channels to avoid opening other automatic gates or automatic doors within the range of the remote control.

In addition to these components, you can find various sensors, lightning components or acoustic alert for industrial automatic gates.

The articulated arm driven by the electric motor is generally used to close​ ​swing gates.

The track is used to close the automatic sliding gate, which is also driven by the motor.

The VDS Automation catalog includes 3 types of electric motors:

    • Oleodynamic
    • Hydraulic
    • With arm
  • Photocell: A component that constantly communicates with the control unit. Through a light beam, it detects if there are objects or people within the range of action of the gate. Photocell is essential to avoid crushing of people or things.
  • Wireless remote control: the remote control makes life easier for the user when coming home. It is generally small and easy to use. The remote control is set to specific frequencies and channels to avoid opening other automatic gates nearby. Learn more on how to solve the gate interference.
  • Secondary accessories: For VDS Automation safety is the most important thing and it is the reason why all our devices are equipped with an anti-crushing device, courtesy light and manual release.

Can I open the automatic gate in the event of a blackout?

Automatic gate and black-out: what happens in case of power failure? Can I leave the house? Of course. As mentioned in our previous article, in the event of a blackout, you can open and close the gate manually.

Automatic gate: what to do if there is no electricity

 Automatic gate maintenance

An automatic gate can break and cause greater problems than a traditional gate, although current gates have a definitely long operating life. It may happen that the​ automatic gate does not close properly due​ ​to misalignment or incorrect calibration or you may have issues with electrical motor or with the arm. It can happen also to have an​ ​automatic gate stuck open or a gate stuck in the middle​ ​of the path. These problems can be avoided with proper automatic gates maintenance.

Do you want to know how much it costs to automate your sliding gate?

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