11 March 2021

Automation for gates: the experience of VDS Automation in the industry

A house gate is never an easy choice, especially if you are not an expert, so today we want to help you identify the best gate automations by listing all its components.

Gate automation: VDS Automation products

Gate automatisms are the products that allow old gates to become automatic as a result of different mechanisms such as:

  • panel or control unit: it is electronically powered and receives the signal from the gate sensors. Basically there are 2 sensors:
    • remote control for opening and closing: it is a small device that makes your life easier. Each remote control has its own frequency and channel, so as not to interfere with other gates nearby. If you want to learn more about interference, you can find our article here.
    • photocells: it is an essential component because it avoids the crushing of people or things. The photocells constantly communicate with the control unit through to a light beam.

There are two types of automatic gates:

Which gate automatisms can I choose?

These are just a couple of the things you need to know before choosing your gate.

Before installing an automatic gate, an expert’s valuation is fundamental to determine which model best suits the surrounding environment.

The experts will evaluate the conditions of use (for example if l the gate will be installed in a residence or in a single house), the conditions of the land (for example if there is a sloping ground), the available space (for example, if space is enough to open the swing gate and if it can be opened inwards) and many other conditions.

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