28 October 2021

Retractable bollards: limit access to homes and condominiums

Retractable parking bollards: do you know what they are and how they work? All the information you need is in this guide to help you make your choice.

What are the retractable parking bollards?

The retractable bollards are columns of variable thickness installed in the ground, which through a control system are lowered and raised to allow passage or to limit the access of cars.

They can have the shape of a column of different diameters according to space requirements, and can be operated manually or remotely via a remote control.

By burying themselves, they allow the vehicle, whether it be a car or a motorcycle, to park, or they can be real parking barriers that are lowered only when transit is necessary.

Retractable parking bollards are extremely useful when positioning a sliding or swing gate is too cumbersome and hindering the property, but limiting the passage of cars to strangers becomes essential to avoid unpleasant hassle.

Choosing bollards for private homes or residential complexes is very useful for allowing the orderly passage of resident’s cars and at the same time preventing outsiders from entering and occupying private land with cars or motorcycles.

The points in favor of the bollards are certainly the small footprint and the adaptation to any context, both residential and urban for every need.

It is also possible to have colored bollards, which blend in with the road or simple with minimal lines so as not to attract too much attention and remain discreet.

All bollards are equipped with reflective strips that signal their presence in the hours of darkness thus avoiding accidents to motorists passing through the delimited area.

During the opening and closing movement, the bollards also emit acoustic and light signals to signal the mechanism as much as possible to those who have to carry out the passage maneuver.

The retractable bollards can also be installed in places other than private homes, such as car parks in shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, stadiums and exhibition areas to regulate, limit and keep controlled the entry and exit of people with their own means.

VDS Automation retractable bollard

There are two types of retractable bollards: the automatic bollard and the manual bollard.

The automatic retractable bollard uses a remote control, which operates it remotely in comfort for those who have to make the transition.

The manual retractable bollard, on the other hand, requires a particular release key, which is inserted in the slot positioned on the base of the column.

The VDS Automation retractable parking bollard is made with exclusive quality materials and produced in Italy, to guarantee customers a safe product that resists all types of bad weather being constantly exposed.

MOLE, the VDS hydraulic column bollard has the following characteristics:

  • Height of 450mm;
  • 230V;
  • Internal pillar body in 4 mm steel;
  • External pylon body in galvanized steel;
  • Movement of the pylon that ends with the increase in the absorption of the electric motor;
  • Manual release which takes place by acting on the upper part of the pylon with a triangular key;
  • LED luminous flux visible at 360 °, both with the mast lowered and raised, and with the retro-reflective film that guarantees perfect visibility of the bollard;
  • Fluidity of the pylon movement ensured by an electromechanical system with epicyclic reduction in a watertight aluminum casing;
  • Control unit that manages movement ensuring maximum safety and constant performance over time.

For more detailed information on retractable parking bollards for parking lots, contact the VDS Automation assistance center, call 085 4971946 or send an e-mail to info@vdsautomation.com. We are always at your disposal!

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