30 April 2021

How the automatic gate works and why you need to choose it

What is the sliding gate for? The first answer is certainly to simplify the daily routine and bring numerous advantages in terms of time and practicality.

Sliding gate what is it for and why you need to install it

In a private house, in a residential area or in a company, installing an automatic gate is always a great choice because of its simplicity and ease of use.

A common situation that can encourage you to install a sliding gate soon is certainly a bad rainy day.

How many times have you got out of the car to open the gate with the key and got caught in rain, snow and wind?

A really uncomfortable and annoying situation that can be easily resolved.

Automation is a convenient, practical and fast system that allows you to open or close the gate with a simple click.

Any automatic gate opens and closes because of several particular components:

  • A panel or control unit, that is the core system which receives all the signals coming from the various control sensors;
  • An electric motor which can be single or multiple according to the type of gate;
  • An articulated arm for swing gates;
  • A track for sliding gates;
  • The piston located inside the mechanical arm;
  • Photocells connected to the control unit, which detect obstacles and block the opening or closing movement;
  • Remote control that allows you to operate the gate remotely.

How to choose the automatic gate?

To choose an automatic gate model, we need to define the frequency of use:

  • For a residential gate operated a few times a day, it is possible to choose a lighter opening system;
  • For a frequently use shared gate, it is needed a motor with higher power to support the load;
  • For an intensive use gate, such as in companies or workplaces, it is required a durable motor, even for the larger dimensions of the gate leaf.

Once the usage is clear, you can choose between these models of gate according to the space available and the type of opening you prefer:

  • The automatic sliding gate has a track on which a single large leaf moves, which allows the opening of a large passage but it needs side space;
  • The automatic swing gate has one or two leaves that open towards inside or outside of the residence, according to the need.

Please note that the motor power will always be directly proportional to the size and weight of the gate.

Choose VDS Automation for your sliding gate!

Once you realize what a sliding gate is for and its advantages, rely on our experience for over 30 years in the automation industry to install the right gate for your needs!

VDS Automation has:

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