29 January 2021

Motorized Overhead Garage Door: Pros and Cons

We could give you a thousand reasons why you should choose a motorized garage door and the advantages that you could obtain, but we only give you two examples. Let’s imagine a rainy day. Imagine you need to open the garage door with your hand with an umbrella on one side and a suitcase with […]

8 January 2021

Automatic gates: cost and prices

Are you searching for a definitive solution not to always getting out of the car to open the gate when you return home? You are in the right place. We will show you which are the best automatic sliding gates and the prices on the market. Automatic sliding gate: prices and cost To understand the​ […]

23 December 2020

Swing gate motor installation: rely on the experts of VDS Automation

We all know how useful it is to have a motorized gate in the house. It allows you to return home without being affected by the weather conditions. If you are searching for a swing gate motor​ to improve your days, this guide is for you. How can you automate a garage? Gate motors are the best […]

10 December 2020

Garage overhead door automation installation: VDS Automation will take care of it

Are you thinking about a garage overhead door automation​ ​for your house but do not know where to start? You are in the right place. We will show you how​​ overhead doors automation of VDS Automation allows you to automate access to the garage and more. Different models are designed to meet all safety and energy […]

13 October 2020

Gate automation systems VDS Automation

Are you tired of always having to get out of the car to enter your home? Discover our gate automation systems. If so, you are reading the right guide, here we will explain which are the VDS Automation gate automation systems that will make your life easier. The VDS automations are equipped with accessories that […]

18 October 2019

Swing gate automation: features and functionalities to make your choice

If you are thinking of installing an automatic swing gate entrusted to the experience of VDS Automation, which for over thirty years has been producing automatisms for gates of the highest quality and completely Made in Italy. The characteristics of the automatic swing gate The swing gate is a widespread type of automation for simple […]

16 October 2019

Overhead Doors Automation Roma

The overhead doors are the ideal solution to open and close your garage 100% safely. Entering the garage simply by touching the remote control has become an indispensable luxury for everyone. The use of the first overhead doors dates back to the 1980s, when they began to gradually replace the old-generation roller shutters. VDS Automation: […]

16 October 2019

Sliding gates Automation Abruzzo: discover the wide range of VDS Automation

Safe and guaranteed sliding gate automation in Abruzzo and Italy has only one name: VDS Automation. For over thirty years on the market, we offer our customers automation systems for gates of all types and for all needs. Sliding gate automation: everything you need to know The automatic gates have a system composed of a […]

16 October 2019

How do the photocells of the automatic gate work? Let’s find out together

Automatic gates work thanks to an electric motor and to photocells that receive signals and detect obstacles, activating or stopping the gate opening and closing process. Automatic gate photocells: operation Specifically, the photocells for the automatic gate are devices installed near the automatic gate, which do not allow the gate to close if their range […]

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