9 April 2021

Why the automatic gate is suddenly noisy

Do you often hear a particular noise when opening or closing the gate? This is a practical guide to understand how to fix your noisy sliding gate issue.

Noisy sliding gate: the potential causes

The automatic gate is very convenient but sometimes some small issues can affect the harmony between everyday life and practicality.

A common problem is the occurrence of an annoying sound during the movement of the doors, especially at the beginning and ending of the opening or closing movements.

If your sliding gate is noisy, it is essential to find the problem and solve it quickly.

The noise you hear can have several causes that can be fixed with a regular maintenance.

Actually, it can happen that you only need to lubricate some parts of the structure to make the movement of the doors smoother.

Alternatively, there may be something that slows down the regular gate arm movement, and therefore the motor has to make a greater effort to open and close the door.

If the noise is perceptible only during the closing, then a gasket may be enough to make the impact less strong and noisy.

However, if the noise continues despite the gasket, it is likely that there are problems inside the motor and this requires an installer to do maintenance.

Noisy automatic sliding gate: whom you can contact if the problem remains.

If you try these simple maintenance solutions to fix your noisy automatic sliding gate but the sound persists, it is necessary to contact a technician to find out the cause of the problem.

Furthermore, if the gate is for a residence, before any intervention, it will be necessary to report the problem to the administrator as to operate and solve the problem.

Gate automation: contact VDS Automation

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