5 June 2023

Barriers and turnstiles in offices: why automate them and how to do it

In an era where workspace security has become a key priority, the automation of barriers and turnstiles in offices represents a smart and cost-effective choice that improves access security and allows you to efficiently and accurately manage the flow of people inside the building.

In an increasingly digitized age, automation is becoming an essential component in managing workspaces. An automated access system not only improves security, but also offers a number of efficiency and convenience benefits.

In this article, we will explore why automation of barriers and turnstiles is a strategic choice and guide you in choosing the right automation.

Advantages of automations for barriers and turnstiles in offices

Installing automation for barriers and turnstiles in offices offers many benefits that go beyond the security, efficiency and convenience of access to the building. Let’s see in detail all the main advantages of the automations:

  • Employee and visitor safety: Automatic barriers and turnstiles reduce the risk of unauthorized intrusion into the building, while ensuring quick and efficient access for authorized users.
  • Efficiency in access and access management: thanks to their speed and accuracy, these automations allow users to access the building quickly and smoothly, reducing waiting times and increasing overall office productivity.
  • Real-time access control: with the use of access control systems integrated with automations, it is possible to constantly monitor the entrances and exits from the building and receive real-time notifications in the event of unauthorized access or emergencies.
  • Reduction of personnel costs: thanks to their ability to control accesses autonomously, these automations can replace the need to employ personnel dedicated to access control, reducing office management costs.

The RIKI20 automatic turnstile by VDS Automation: safety and innovative design

VDS Automation’s RIKI20 automatic turnstile represents an advanced solution for access control, thanks to its combination of security, elegant and ergonomic design and ease of use.

  • With a simple and elegant design, it can be installed quickly and easily and ensures pedestrian transit control in supermarkets, gyms, offices and wherever adjustment is required
  • of pedestrian transit
  • AISI 304 stainless steel structure and polycarbonate door
  • Integrated luminous crown: signals suitability for entry and movement of the leaf (red: stop – green: okay)
  • Integration with access control: people counting system, temperature measurement system, mask detection. The opening of the leaf can also be activated by a card reader, photocells or other control devices
  • The system can be interfaced with other automatic opening systems
  • The closing of the leaf can be automatic or activated by a control device (also via radio)
  • The release maneuver can be performed using a button or key
  • Polycarbonate door available in 2 sizes 600 mm – 900 mm
  • The system can work with backup batteries allowing operation even in the event of a blackout
  • The system is equipped with an amperometric safety device controlled by an encoder: if it is inadvertently hit, the leaf stops, goes back and then performs a slow maneuver to check that there are no obstacles

Turnstile automation: the right choice for access security

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