16 October 2019

Sliding gates Automation Abruzzo: discover the wide range of VDS Automation

Safe and guaranteed sliding gate automation in Abruzzo and Italy has only one name: VDS Automation.

For over thirty years on the market, we offer our customers automation systems for gates of all types and for all needs.

Sliding gate automation: everything you need to know

The automatic gates have a system composed of a motor, a control unit, sensors and photocells which, thanks to the electric current, allow the gate to be opened and closed, leaving the space for car transit.

Installing automatic gates means simplifying the normal daily routine, avoiding having to get out of your car every time and manually opening and closing the gate.

In rainy or snowy conditions then the discomfort is greatly amplified and having an automatic gate becomes a real necessity.

However, which automatic gate to choose according to different needs? In the large family of automatic gates a distinction can be made between two macro categories:

  1. Automatic sliding gates composed of wheels that move on a track laterally, foreseeing the need for a space at the side of the gate;
  2. Automatic swing gates that have one or more doors that close by turning on a pin towards the inside of the house or property;

Furthermore, sliding gate automation is essential when the gates are large and heavy; manually opening a gate would require a considerable physical effort especially if one thinks of the gates of industrial activities.

For this reason we must always analyze the appearance of the weight and the frequency of opening the gate to identify the most suitable motorized system.

Based on their intended use the automatic gates are divided into:

  • Automatic gates for residential use, which include a number of openings and closures contained during the day;
  • Automatic gates for condominium use, which require a stronger and stronger motor for the continuous operation of the automatism;
  • Automatic gates for intensive use, used mainly in the workplace for the size and the considerable weight of the structure and the opening and closing which is around a hundred times a day. This type of gate adopts an extremely resistant and solid sliding gate motor and automation.

Are the automatisms for gates only for the sliding type? Absolutely not.

The automation of swing gates uses the same principle as the sliding ones and is always based on the calculation of the frequency of use and the weight of the gate.

A further choice, however, is made between the two-leaf gate automation and the gate automation to a single leaf, because the latter in many cases is smaller and less heavy.

VDS Automation is the leader in the automation of Abruzzo sliding gates

Our company has been producing automation systems for gates for over 30 years, believing in the value of quality and Made in Italy.

In our main office, the heart of our entire business, we produce all the types of gate automation kits with molds and Italian raw materials:

In addition to the automatisms for gates, we produce all the accessories needed for the correct operation of the automatic gates: bollards, control equipment and accessories for automations such as photocells, flashing lights and batteries.

All our production is guaranteed by the quality work of our industry experts who test the finished products to evaluate their physical properties and performance.

If you are still not sure what gate automation you need, please contact our company directly, by contacting us by email: info@vdsautomation.com or by calling 085 4971946.

Contact with the final customer and the establishment of a relationship of trust are always our prerogatives, so we offer advice and assistance at all stages of the sale.

In Abruzzo we are waiting for you in our Santa Teresa di Spoltore (PE) headquarters or you can come and visit us in one of the numerous offices present throughout the Italian territory.