16 October 2019

Overhead Doors Automation Roma

The overhead doors are the ideal solution to open and close your garage 100% safely. Entering the garage simply by touching the remote control has become an indispensable luxury for everyone.

The use of the first overhead doors dates back to the 1980s, when they began to gradually replace the old-generation roller shutters.

VDS Automation: Rome overhead door automation

VDS Automation manufactures overhead door automations for all sizes and weights, ensuring the highest quality and high performance of its products.

Motors for overhead doors: definition and advantages

The overhead garage doors are made up of joint panels that move along the guides towards the ceiling or in the compartment of the structure, minimizing the space necessary to proceed with the opening and closing of the garage.

The overhead garage doors are made up of joint panels that move along the guides towards the ceiling or in the compartment of the structure, minimizing the space necessary to proceed with the opening and closing of the garage.

They are very sturdy and resistant doors and are the best choice for those who need to have automation for large overhead doors.

It is also possible to opt for manual up-and-over doors, but the advantage of being able to install garage door garage automation is certainly unmatched.

Conveniently opening the garage from the inside of your car, without having to descend either to open or to close, is certainly the most advantageous point of the tilting automatisms.

The opening and closing mechanism works with the same principle as the automations for sliding and swing gates: simply press a button on the remote control and send a signal to the control unit, which will operate the entire system.

In addition to the convenience of opening, choosing automation for overhead doors means maintaining the aesthetics of the exterior of your home. The design with which they are designed makes them very beautiful to look at and in line with any style the home or condominium has. Furthermore, the opening system on the ceiling completely reduces the external dimensions as in the case of gates with one or more doors.

Making the choice fall on tilting automation means ensuring perfect thermal insulation inside your garage because these doors, unlike dampers, are made up of insulated panels that do not allow the cold to enter during the winter seasons.

Automation for overhead doors VDS

Did the long series of advantages of the overhead doors lead you to the choice? Now you just have to rely on experts in the automation of doors and gates.

Our company has been operating for over 30 years constantly updating itself on the latest news, always keeping the production quality standard high.

Selecting elements and raw materials produced in Italy and working directly on the production of automated overhead doors and automatic gates within our headquarters, means giving an extra value to our product on the market: that of the true Made in Italy.

The VDS garage door automations are electromechanical and can be installed on all types of overhead doors.

Install garage tilting automations includes the fact that the whole system must be constantly overhauled and kept in perfect condition to avoid breakdowns and malfunctions. We follow you and indicate all the correct procedures to keep the automation efficient and in case of serious damage we work to restore the system.

Relying on experts also means having a consulting and maintenance service after the time of purchase, which in this sector is really a point that makes the difference.

If you are wondering the cost of gate automations, don’t worry because we at VDS have a wide range of choices, so you can decide which automation is right for you.

For any doubt or question you can contact us without obligation, we will be happy to help you in choosing the perfect gate automation for your home.

If you are looking for automation for overhead doors in Rome or near your area, we inform you that you can find us near your home because in addition to our head office we have a dense network of branches spread all over Italy, in order to guarantee assistance in all the moments.

There are various solutions available to power your garage door. For this reason, VDS Automation recommends that you contact us via email at info@vdsautomation.com or call us on 085 4971946 to book an appointment at our office.

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