12 May 2021

Motorizing your sliding gate: here’s the guide

If you are here it means that you have decided to motorize the sliding gate! Here is a short guide to help you understand where to start.

Sliding gate motor: why it is useful

The gate has the main function of delimiting your private property, whether it is your home or your business.

It therefore offers protection and safety, but it is also important to combine practicality and technology to make your life easier.

How many times have you been forced to get out of your car in rain, wind, snow or high summer temperatures to manually open and close your gate?

Now do not waste any more time and immediately choose the sliding gate motor suitable for your needs!

Sliding gate operators: all types of sliding gates

The sliding gates are characterized by a mobile part that runs parallel to the gate, a few centimeters above the ground.

It is a convenient solution for those who have limited outdoor space but have side space to slide the door.

Sliding gates are divided into three types:

  • Sliding gate with a single leaf that runs parallel to the gate along its entire length;
  • Double sliding gate that has two equal or asymmetrical leaves that slide on opposite sides;
  • Telescopic sliding gate consisting of two modules that slide over each other during opening and closing.

Once the gate model has been defined, it is necessary to evaluate the weight of the leaf or two leaves, and the frequency of use to choose the correct sliding gate motor to support opening and closing.

Motorizing sliding gate: the steps to follow

The first thing to do is to request an inspection from expert technicians to better evaluate the most suitable sliding gate motor.

The motors for sliding gates are of different models based on the degree of power needed to support the opening and closing movement.

The automation varies according to the size of the doors and the number of maneuvers performed each day.

By frequency of use, motors for sliding gates are divided into:

  • Motor for residential gate, operated a few times a day and with a lighter opening system;
  • Motor for condominium gate with frequent use and with greater power;
  • Gate motor for intensive use for work and business activities, which has a lot of resistance and power for large gates.

Motors for sliding gates: discover the VDS Automation products!

Choose the quality and professionalism of VDS Automation for over 30 years to motorize your sliding gate with all the accessories necessary for the correct functioning of the system!

Our production of different types of motors for sliding gates is divided into:

For more detailed information on our motors for sliding gates, contact the VDS Automation assistance center, call 085 4971946 or send an e-mail to info@vdsautomation.com. We are always at your disposal!

VDS Automation: always on the side of our customers!

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