13 December 2021

Automatic gate: tips for installation and safety

Do you know how to secure a sliding gate to prevent damage to the structure or unfortunate accidents? Follow our guide which will help you better understand what to do. We at VDS have been producing automation for gates, doors, garage doors and barriers for over thirty years.

How to secure a sliding gate?

Installing an automatic gate is a real convenience in terms of time and practicality. No more stops in the rain to open the gate, with a click of the remote control your gate will open and close immediately.

Whether you want to replace your old gate with a new generation, more performing model, or simply if you are deciding to automate your manual sliding gate, following clear rules to make it safer will improve the performance of the gate.

Therefore it is important to install the automatic gate in full safety and compliance with the regulations as even a small error could turn out to be a problem.

An automatic gate must be safe against the risks of impact, crushing and protected from an electrical point of view.

The gate motor must be calibrated to be able to carry out and support the opening and closing maneuver of the leaf to avoid damage to the central system.

Modern automations have a control system that regulates the force with which the motor must push the leaf, so checking the total weight of the single or double leaf of the gate is essential for proper operation.

Furthermore, the gate must not have any protruding points that can be hooked to people or objects, and above all it must be of the correct size to avoid hindering or obstructing adjacent pedestrian passages.

It is very important to install the motor following the assembly instructions, and the accessories for the safety of the gate, such as the photocells.

Installing two pairs of safety photocells, both for entry and exit, ensures correct communication of the danger to the central control unit.

This is because the photocells are able to detect obstacles such as objects and people and immediately send a danger signal to the motor which will immediately stop the movement of the sliding gate leaf.

Flashing lights are also indispensable, especially in the dark at night because they indicate with the light that the automatic gate is in motion.

The leaf or leaves of the automatic gate must be perfectly anchored to the support and rotation pins and to the chains or guard ropes, since in the event of an accidental breakage of a support the gate would remain standing and in a safe position avoiding accidents. of crushing.

VDS Automation: your safe gate for over 30 years

For over 30 years our company has been producing automation for gates in all its mechanical parts, gears and accessories, always aiming for the quality and safety of true Made in Italy.

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