10 June 2022

Gear motor for sliding gates: standards and extra accessories

The gearmotor system allows the sliding door to respond to the opening and closing commands and executes safety and locking standards too. This system is one of the most important aspects of the automatic gate. Here’s why it’s important and which one to choose.

The gearmotor is a compact drive unit consisting of a gearbox and an electric motor. The idea comes from the German Albert Obermoser, who in 1928 combined the parts together, designing the first gearmotor ever.

Models have evolved during the years and with them the longevity, the performance and the individual parts power of the gearmotor too.
In the world of automatic sliding gates, its use has become extremely important.

How a gearmotor works and how to measure its power

The gearmotor consists of a central part that plays the main role: transmitting the motion through reduction stages composed of a series of decreasing measuring gears. These parts transmit motion to a pair of shafts. Thus the reducer – as the word itself says – reduces the rotation speed of the motor and therefore transmits a proportionately greater force for a lower power.

The structure determines whether the gearmotor is suitable for light, medium or heavy loads, and for short or long operating periods. You can choose between many models depending on your needs. There are gearmotors, like the SIMPLY model, that are suitable for gates weighing 600 kilos. For special or corporate installations with gates weighing up to 5 thousand kilos, the best choice is the TOM model.

What you need to know before choosing the gearmotor for a sliding gate

To select the most suitable gearmotor, you need to know what power is needed. Some factors can help you such as the size and weight of the gate, the length of the stroke and its position.
The secret behind the right choice of the best gearmotor for sliding gates is to rely on a long-lived brand such as VDS, which has been manufacturing automation for gates in Italy for over 30 years thanks to the commitment of trained and experienced technicians.
A reliable gearmotor usually lasts more than 10 years so you need to adopt the right automation that is the semi-definitive solution for your customer, making them satisfied with your work.
Always remember that the duration over time, as with all electronic products, varies considerably according to the frequency of use and to the weather conditions to which the gearmotor is exposed.
VDS Automazioni guarantees you the possibility of choosing certified quality pieces, built to last over time. And if all this isn’t enough, you can always benefit of the free technical assistance for any automation problem, even after several years from installation.

Automation gate standard kit

Automation Kits represent the perfect combination between convenience and easy installation. They already contain everything you need to assemble the automatic gate correctly and in compliance with the law regulations.

By choosing an automation gate standard kit, you’ll simplify your work.
In addition to the gearmotor, your kit contains:

• Electronic control board
• A pair of photocells
• Led flashing light
• Key selector
• Remote control
• Warning sign
Alongside with the kit, there are also available a series of extra accessories such as magnetic limit switches or fixing plates.

By choosing the Simply Kit (230V – 24V) for gates up to 600kg, you also have the security of choosing one of the best-selling gearmotors for sliding gates: over 700,000 units, for the comfort of families.

The best gearmotor for sliding gates
What makes SIMPLY the best gearmotor for sliding gates:
• The gearmotor is in painted die-cast aluminum, which guarantees millimetric precision and therefore correct operation and absence of defects
• Gears in steel and cast iron machined from solid, so as to be more strong than average and more durable and resistant to wear
• Minimum noise emission: extremely quiet engines that improve living and social comfort
• High-Performances electric motor that guarantees durability and maximum energy saving
• Adherence to all current standards and mandatory certifications, in particular those required for safety: anti-crushing and speed slowing down (EN12453)
Depending on the needs, it is also possible to request SIMPLY in the fast version, which guarantees the gate a travel time of 20m / min, or to make opening and closing safer with a magnetic limit switch.