15 October 2019

Automatic gates: the 15 points to know before making a choice

Why still have a manual gate when you can have the convenience of an automatic gate? If your manual gate has become a burden on your life and you have decided to change it with an automatic gate, we are here to give you everything you need. For your automatic gate in Rome Vds Automation is your choice.

The wide choice of VDS Automation automatic gates will allow you to identify the one that fits your home and your needs perfectly.

Why choose an automatic gate?

The only but significant difference between a manual gate and an automatic gate is that the latter has a mechanized operation composed of a motor that is operated from the outside by sending a signal that allows it to be opened and closed at a distance, in any condition and without physical effort.

There are many reasons that lead to the choice of automatic gates, and the first of all is precisely the convenience of opening and closing the gate of your home simply by pressing a button, sitting in your car.

If you think about rainy days or adverse weather conditions, the advantage is enormously amplified, and confirms the essentiality of an automatic gate in your daily routine.

The signal to open or close the automatic gates is sent by small remote controls that are convenient to carry around, but the system can be implemented with a device on which to enter a secret code for greater security and a classic key that it is essential in situations where there is no electricity.

If you have a company that provides a continuous passage of vehicles from inside to outside the property, the automatic gate lends itself perfectly to your work by simplifying and making all internal activities faster.

The speed of opening and closing the automatic gate comfortably is a feature not to be underestimated even at the working level.

Aesthetics is another very important element especially for private houses and apartment buildings. The automatic sliding gates can be made in the style of the entrance of the house, they are extremely practical to allow the entry and exit of the residents and, very important feature, they give security because they are the first form of defense of the house.

To make a choice, however, you must necessarily know various essential points to identify the ideal automatic gate for you.

Automatic gates Rome: what you need to know to make the choice

Surely you are asking yourself numerous questions about automatic gates such as: how much space do I have to install an automatic gate? How many types of gate exist? I don’t have much lateral space, on which gate should I drop my choice? In the event of a black out like I do with electric automatic gates?

We at VDS Automation receive these questions daily from potential customers who want to install an automatic gate in their home or business.

So, to make a weighted choice that is in line with your needs, we offer you an ordered list of all the main features and functionalities of the automatic gates that will help you purchase and clarify your doubts and concerns:

  1. All automatic gates are composed of: a control unit which receives all the signals, a motor, photocells, a remote control and other sensors.
  2. The automatic gate works thanks to a motor that can be single or double (based on the size of the gate) and placed externally or internally to the ground in cases where you want to keep the presence of automation discreet;
  3. The two main categories of automatic gates are the automatic swing gate and the sliding gate. The automatic swing gates are characterized by the rotating opening of the two doors on a central fulcrum almost always towards the inside of the property, while the automatic sliding gates follow a track on which the wheels run, leaving the passage free and are ideal for those has a lot of side space;
  4. For swing gates there is also the variant of automatic gates with one door in the condition in which there is not the space necessary for the double door or it is not necessary given the passage with reduced dimensions;
  5. The electric automatic gates must above all be studied on the basis of the number of openings and closures that they will carry out during the day: for sporadic use, a light opening mechanism must be installed, for the frequent condominium opening it is preferable to use a more robust mechanism and finally for an intensive use equal to 100 times a day it is necessary to install a motor capable of sustaining the continuous movement;
  6. The automatic gates are divided into automatic gates with hydraulic operation and automatic gates with electromechanical functioning. The former are used for the motorization of automatic sliding gates with large dimensions and weight, while the latter adapt to smaller gates mostly for residential use;
  7. All the new generation automatic gates are equipped with a speed adjustment device to prevent the leaves from receiving strong blows in the closing process and to allow the passage of the car in the time set;
  8. The automatic gate requires and has sensors and photocells that capture the passage of people or cars, and in case of danger they immediately send an opening signal to the gate motor;
  9. The photocells are the most important feature of an automatic gate because it guarantees the safety of detecting the presence of obstacles that could put the functionality of the automatic gate into difficulty;
  10. Each automatic gate must also be equipped with flashing signals indicating the state of movement both at the time of opening and at the time of closing;
  11. In the absence of electricity there is no problem, because all automatic gates have a system that allows them to be unlocked giving the possibility to open and close the gate in the classic manual method;
  12. The installation of the automatic gate must necessarily be carried out by the competent and qualified personnel of the manufacturer, according to the standards EN 12453 and EN 12445, to guarantee the perfect functionality of the gate in a wide period of time;
  13. The maintenance of automatic sliding and swing gates must be done in a systematic manner to keep all gate components clean and lubricated at all times. Planning maintenance means preventing breakdowns and consequently repairs with a very high cost;
  14. No notification or request is required for the installation of an automatic gate, but there is a ministerial decree of 2008 which regulates the arrangement;
  15. Each gate must have its own certification of conformity issued by the technical personnel of the manufacturer who installed the gate, as a guarantee of a qualitatively excellent purchase that complies with all the regulations in force.

These 15 points summarize in a simple and explanatory way all the various information necessary to take into consideration the choice of an automatic gate and consequently the purchase and installation for one’s own home or for one’s own company.

Now that you know the main information to make the choice, you can contact VDS Automation for your automatic gate in Rome.

VDS AUTOMATION: automatic gates in Rome Made in Italy

VDS Automation has been working with passion for over thirty years in the gate automation sector. Our company independently produces within our building all the components that form the automatic gates.

Through molds we create from the gears to the drive shafts, and each product is subjected to final tests for our and your safety to have an automatic gate that reflects the best physical and functional characteristics.

Furthermore, the raw materials are all Italian to guarantee a high quality and really Made in Italy finished product.

In addition to the production of gate automation, we also manufacture automations for automatic doors, barriers, overhead doors, sectional doors, garages, shutters and shutters and all the accessories for automation and control equipment.

Our company offers you a complete service from the first consultancy to understand your needs, up to the installation and maintenance of the gate.

Are you looking for automatic gates in Rome or in the area closest to your city? No problem. Even in this case, we at VDS Automation are close to you, not just literally. Our rich and vast network of offices throughout Italy gives you the peace of mind of having our assistance and support in every region of Italy.

Our company also does not limit itself to national trade but exports products all over the world for different types of companies.

We put the final consumer first and with the experience gained over the years in the field, we have studied and produced all the products that each customer is looking for, and for this reason we have a wide choice of automated solutions that satisfy all types of requests.

Quality products, physical tests on gates, warranties and certifications, and Made in Italy production within our company are the points on which the relationship of trust with our customers is mainly based.

If the time has come for you to change your manual gate or you need an automatic gate for your home or company we are at your disposal for any clarification.

Contact us at 085 4971946 or write us an email to info@vdsautomation.com to receive our help and for any information. We are waiting for you.