19 June 2019

Automatic gates: how to install

Owning an automatic gate undoubtedly represents a great advantage. But how we should  proceed to the installation? Is there a reference standard? The private citizen can proceed in autonomy? Below we will try to provide the appropriate clarifications in this regard.


Automatic gates: what they are and how they work


This type of gates is defined in this way because they have an electric motor that regulates its operation. Normally they are swing or sliding and the motor is positioned near the door that they must move, buried or near the hinges of the structure. The electrical panel or control unit gives the command impulse to the gate, this pulse is generated by a coded key, generally a radio control or a selector; thereare also available on the market gsm modules and applications that allow you to manage the opening impulse with the smartphone

The installation of an automatic gate must include a series of safety requirements that only a specialized technician, following an appropriate inspection can define: the technician will decide what type of photocells to use, where to install the flashing lamp in order to make it visible and whether or not to use safety edges.


Why choose a swing gate or a sliding gate


Choosing one or the other type of gate depends on several factors, first of all the space available. The sliding ones need less space, since they do not occupy during the manouvre the space in front of the gate. The automatic swing gates, on the other hand, have a larger footprint as they require the entire maneuvering space that is located right in front of the gate and that must not be crossed during the opening and closing phases.

Electromechanical or hydraulic actuator?


The movement of the gate can be guaranteed by electromechanical or hydraulic mechanisms; also in this case the choice depends on numerous factors, such as the weight of the gate and the number of daily openings.


How to install an automatic gate


The standards EN 12453 and EN 12445, set the standards for installation and subsequent maintenance. The certificate of conformity can only be issued by a technician enabled, so installation must be performed only by qualified personnel. There legislation also requires that the installation of an automatic gate is followed by the presence of a series of safety devices and which in addition to being installed, must alsobe periodically revised to make sure they work properly.



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