15 October 2019

Why choose an automatic gate? Here are some excellent reasons

The most practical solution to open and close the home gate is certainly to have an automatic gate. So why not choose VDS Automation?

An automatic gate for every need

The automatic gate is the most practical and fastest solution to open and close the gate of your home or business, pressing a button on the remote control, entering a code or alternatively with a classic key.

The convenience of opening the gate directly from inside your car avoiding in many cases rain and adverse weather conditions is certainly one of the main reasons to opt for this type of gate.

So why choose an automatic gate? The answer is simple, because it means making your daily routine easier by saving time and effort. But we must carefully study the type of gate that is perfect for each context.

To make a choice it is also necessary to define the frequent or less frequent use of the gate. Thus three types of gate are highlighted:

  • Residential gate that is used a few times a day and therefore can be operated with a lighter opening system;
  • Condominium gate that has a more frequent use, multiplied by all the condominiums;
  • Gate with intensive use that goes up to a hundred times a day, and consequently need a more resistant engine

Once the frequency of use has been defined, the gate must be chosen between two types, choosing the one that meets your needs:

  • The automatic sliding gate which has a rack where the structure moves on wheels, opening a passage that leaves the passage free, perfect to be mounted outside a house;
  • The automatic swing gate that is formed by two doors that open thanks to the electric motor or the motor with hydraulic actuators, for very large gates and with a considerable weight.

The power of the motor is directly proportional to the size and weight of the gate, and its resistance must be studied based on the frequency of use.

The advantage of choosing an automatic gate lies in the wide variety of choice and the thousand possibilities of use that adapt to all the possibilities of space and conditions of use.

Furthermore, considering the space available and the frequency of use is essential to have a product that effectively meets its needs, thus avoiding unnecessary investments.

For your automatic gate choose VDS Automation

We at VDS Automation have been working for over 30 years in the field of automatic gates, offering our customers a wide variety of gates and all accessories such as remote controls, photocells, antennas, digital keyboards, flashing lights, etc.

We produce automations for automatic doors, gates, barriers, overhead doors, sectional doors, garage doors and shutters.

We focus on the quality of our products and for this reason we produce our gates exclusively with raw materials and Made in Italy elements within our company, to guarantee a qualitatively valid and long-lasting product.

We are able to offer you a complete service, from the choice of the gate to the assembly and we will always be present, guaranteeing you assistance and maintenance after the purchase.

For any information, request for quote, or for a consultancy contact us at 0854971946 or by writing an email to info@vdsautomation.com. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect automatic gate for your home or business.