25 February 2021

What you can do when the automatic gate does not work

We cannot stress highly enough how much a gate can improve daily life, but what if the automatic gate does not work or breaks?

In this post, we want to explain what to do when the gate automation no longer works, focusing on the most frequent malfunctions and on the warning signs before breaking.

Prevention is better than cure and the experts know it.

The 4 most common reasons why the automatic gate no longer opens:

Now we are going to look at the most common reasons why the automatic gate stops working; we have listed 4:

  1. The first and most common reason – and perhaps the most trivial – is due to the interruption of the power supply. Fortunately, the latest generation automatic gates are always equipped with a manual opening and closing device. These devices are not sold only in the event of power failure, but also to avoid unwanted crushing people or things in the gate. Unblocking an automatic gate is a very easy operation that everyone can complete in a few seconds. Did you know that VSD AUTOMATION gates are quick and easy and, for some types of gates, there is also a motor with an autonomy of several hours that continues to work even in the event of power failure?
  2. The second problem that can affect the functioning of your automatic gate is the malfunction of the remote control. The reasons may be:
    • remote control low batteries,
    • remote control malfunction (by calling the assistance, it will be replaced easily)
  3. Breakage of the opening and closing mechanism. If you hear a sound of rattles or screeches, the motor is probably broken due to wear or because its operation is inhibited by some obstacle.
  4. The last reason that causes the gate to malfunction is wear or damage to the tracks where the gate slides. Obviously, in this case we are talking about sliding gates, for swing gates this problem does not exist.

As we said before, prevention is better than cure, so we recommend regular maintenance of the gate.

Rely only on the experts, otherwise you risk ending up with a broken gate even if it was not at all.

Why should I rely on VDS Automation if the automatic gate no longer works?

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