13 October 2020

Gate automation systems VDS Automation

Are you tired of always having to get out of the car to enter your home? Discover our gate automation systems.

If so, you are reading the right guide, here we will explain which are the VDS Automation gate automation systems that will make your life easier.

The VDS automations are equipped with accessories that protect and guarantee perfect daily operation and are fully compliant with current regulations.

Gate Automation Systems: types

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Inside our homes we can find two types of gates:

  • Swing gates: they can be composed of one or two leaves and open by rotating on a central fulcrum generally inwards. It is a more elegant structure than sliding gates and more suitable for both private homes and condominiums.
  • Sliding gates: this type of gate the mobile part slides on a track placed below.

Once you understand which gate is present in your home, we can proceed with the search for the automation method that best suits it.

How many ways can the VDS Automation gate be automated?

VDS Automation cares about you and for this reason it has come up with many different solutions for gate automation.

No matter what type your gate belongs to, we have studied the best solution.

For the automation of swing gates currently on the market there are the following types of motors:

  • linear hydraulic: this type uses the best technology with ball screws that guarantee high speed with medium or high power thrust performance. They are generally used as an alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic systems.
  • with arm: it is ideal for automating swing gates even with large pillars. The application behind the column makes the engine practically invisible from the outside. It turns out to be an excellent solution for those who do not want to deface the aesthetics of the house.
  • hydraulic: they are generally the cheapest in their category, offer high quality performance in a short time and take up limited space. In orbital hydraulic motors the rollers are hydrodynamically supported, reducing friction to a minimum and ensuring long life and high performance even at high pressures.
  • underground: they stand out for their robustness and discretion. This type of motor keeps the aesthetics of the entrance unchanged and is suitable for all types of gates, even condominium ones that require an important and continuous workload.

As regards the automation systems for sliding gates, VDS Automation offers you:

All VDS Automation equipment offers the possibility of controlling the opening / closing of the automations, to allow you the greatest possible comfort.

Gate Automation Systems: contact VDS Automation

Once you understand which engine is right for you, all that remains is to contact the best in the installation sector, who? VDS Automation of course!

VDS Automation has been in the door and window sector for over thirty years and, thanks to the accumulated experience and the training of its constantly updated professionals, will be able to interpret all your needs and turn them into reality, or rather, into the motorized gate of your dreams.

Contact our assistance center to list all your requests and doubts about it, or use our direct contacts by calling 085 4971946 or by sending an email to info@vdsautomation.com.

VDS Automation: always on the side of our customers!

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